Monthly Archives: November 2012

Where to start

Well I’m starting by slowing selling some of my stuff.  This gives time to reflect on what is really important in your life.  I’ve sold off a gun collection that was my grandpas.  I’ve sold a coin collection as well.  I’ve saved a few things out of it that have some sentimental value but by […]


The Choices. Just a few to start

Surfing near San Juan Del Sur, Nicaragua?  Heck yes.  Running a boutique hotel in the glorious colonial city of Granada?  Yep.  Ocean fly fishing on a deserted atolle off the Belize barrier reef?  Oh, yeah!  Running a sustainable small finca (farm) growing coffee, tobacco and organic fruit trees in Costa Rica’s southern zone?  Why not?  […]

Where do you see this couple living?

Thinking of making a move? Me too!

I have been considering a move to Latin America for some time now.  Unfortunately I’m only 46 and not made of money.  I do not want to retire or be a beach bum.  What to do?  I have done my research, done some visiting of the countries I’m interested in and even attended a conference […]