Monthly Archives: May 2014

One of my favorite compliments

  As I went to visit a new friend tonight for (what I thought would be) a short conversation and short “business” meeting, I received a wonderful compliment.  I was meeting with Ricardo to talk about Kristie and I taking over the marketing of his little cabina and the final couple little details I had […]


Back to the Beach

This is just a quick observation and opinion.  As I moved to Uvita to be active and a part of a growing community, I am finding it difficult to understand all of my expatriate compatriots and the need to build a castle on the mountain.  I totally understand the beauty and that it is a […]

5 Months in two different countries – A perspective

This week is a big week for me.  In my head that is.  I have now been in Costa Rica for 5 months.  The exact same time I was in Belize.  Time sure does fly.  So why does it seem like I have only been in Costa Rica like half as long as I was […]