Back to the Beach

This is just a quick observation and opinion.  As I moved to Uvita to be active and a part of a growing community, I am finding it difficult to understand all of my expatriate compatriots and the need to build a castle on the mountain.  I totally understand the beauty and that it is a bit cooler.  But nothing happens there.  My personal need is to be part of something.  Back in the USA we have turned our houses into our own personal castles and have forgotten to be a part of a community.  I know I am a dumb rube that grew up in a small town, but when I grew up you knew your neighbors and had a sense of togetherness.  Now the only togetherness I see is at the Marino Ballena over a beer and English speaking bartenders.  Is this really the sense of living?

I like to talk to people, so you may end up having a quick conversation with me at the BM or El Colono/La Jungla.  It amazes me when I hear people say, “Well, I only come to town on Tuesdays”.  OMG, I go to the BM almost every day.  I am on a first name basis with about half the staff at La Jungla.  The other half I’m sure just avoids the crazy gringo that comes in every day.  I was very happy to know I am not the only one that thinks this way.  My neighbor is from Perez Zeledon and loves the beach area.  He is a bit older but has young children and he thinks this is the place to “LIVE”.  I also had a very nice conversation with Dagmar from Ballena Tales about promoting Costa Ballena.  She is open to finding a new property and would like it to be less than a kilometer from the Costanera.  It sucks to drive up and down those crappy roads all day, every day.  I cannot tell you how much I don’t want to drive up the mountain unless I have to.  So I guess I understand why the nice couple only comes to town on Tuesdays.  But my question is, why don’t you look for a nice property that is closer to town, closer to the beach where things are actually happening or better still BOTH of the previous criteria while in a nice neighborhood where neighbors look after each other?  Open your gates and open your expectations of people.  

Ok, off my quick little rant.  haha  Come explore Playa Chaman/Colonia area and see what you are missing.


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