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Thinking of Starting a Business in Paradise? Read on!

So it is 10pm.  I just got back from a walk with the dogs and I should be sleeping.  Especially after a day like today.  More to follow on that.  But my creative juices are flowing and I feel the need to share the possibilities/life/hurdles involved with living overseas.  The intent is not to scare […]

Beer Update from Uvita!

What a difference a year makes!  Last year I reported on the burgeoning Craft Beer movement in Costa Rica.  I am happy to report that this year that movement is rushing like the famous Pacuare River here.  It’s just too bad the beer is not flowing as quickly to keep up with the demand.  But […]

Going to the dogs in Costa RIca

Let’s start this story out saying that my girlfriend Kristie and I are dog lovers.  Real dog lovers.  She has a degree in Veterinary Science and I worked 16 years in Veterinary Pharmaceutical Sales calling on vet clinics.  We both have always had dogs and we flew 2 of them to Costa Rica to be […]

Perpetual Tourist It Is

The new President of Costa Rica addressed his nation recently from of all places, New York City, and announced his proposed reforms to increase revenue. The first of which is a new and improved version of the regular 13% sales tax into a Value Added Tax (VAT). OK, no big deal, as the average expat […]

Flying to Costa Rica with a Large Dog

We had done our research. We had put boots on the ground by traveling to Belize, Nicaragua, Costa Rica and the Riviera Maya. I’d already spent 5 months in Belize then moved to the Southern Zone of Costa Rica for 5 months. Now I had finally convinced Kristie that this was the place and this […]

Costa Rica Beer Scene

I just got back from a trip to my home in Michigan for 11 days to take care of some home affairs and pack up my girlfriend and dogs for the full time move to Southern Costa Rica.  Mission accomplished on the business end and the move.  In some of my down time I of […]

Communication in Costa Rica

I see all sorts of questions from people that are either going to visit Costa Rica or are testing the waters looking for living options about what to do about a cell phone.  There are a number of options just like in the US and Canada and Europe.  But there just aren’t as many and […]