Very few of the people “in the know” on moving overseas recommend Costa Rica anymore. International Living has only a little interest while the group at Live and Invest Overseas downright say it is not the place to go right now. And the reasoning is good. Costa Rica banks are compliant with US regulations, the […]


I went about this journey looking for something outside the norm. I really wanted to land in Nicaragua. I went, I liked it and loved parts of it. But really only parts. The unspoiled Pacific was perfect, but too quiet. Granada was absolutely awesome, but not near the ocean. I tried Belize for 6 months. […]

That is all it took for me to realize that I made a good decision. 48 hours of being back in the United States has convinced me that I feel more comfortable in Central America. I can’t even put my finger on it exactly. A trip to the local convenience store and just trying to […]

I have been seduced.  I can’t believe I allowed this to happen.  How could I have been so careless?  It just happened so fast and I just couldn’t help myself.  I fell into the seduction so easily.  I didn’t mean for it to happen.  I just couldn’t help myself.  She is SOOOOO beautiful.  She doesn’t […]

  What has my mid-life crisis brought me to now?  First I took off to Belize to work with an off-the-grid real estate development.  Now I’m buying a bar in Costa Rica?  Not exactly.  I am still just experimenting and making smart choices for me.  Just as I have my entire life.  I keep saying […]

Ready, Fire, Aim is right! What do you mean you’re leaving Belize? You say how much you love it there. You write poetically about it in blogs. You have awesome Facebook updates that make us all jealous. You tell us how many friends you have made. What do you mean you’re leaving Belize?!?!?! Costa Rica […]

Now let’s talk about what type of vehicle works here. First though, what is the budget? If you are not strapped for cash, there is only one vehicle I would recommend for every person for every occasion (unless you have 4 kids) and that would be the Toyota Hilux 4wd Turbo Diesel Ext Cab Truck. […]

This could also be titled “Frustration in Belize”. I get asked many times in my position in sales for a development “Can I move to Belize without a vehicle? The duty seems so high.” OR… “What is the best type of vehicle to bring/buy in Belize?” These are such loaded questions I don’t know where […]

After my seventh week I definitely have an impression of Belize.  And to a very small extent, Belize has an impression of me.  Well, at least some of the local Belizeans do.  I think they probably just kind of see me as a happy-go-lucky American.  My partner says he sometimes feels like the chicken on […]

Belize is Busting Out! With two spots on the Live and Invest Overseas Top 21 places to Retire Overseas, Belize is really breaking out of its shell. Two spots constitutes almost 10% of the best places you should consider planting at least one of your flags. This is from a country that is the size […]